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Dyonics 460P 3-CCD Digital Camera

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Brand: Dyonics®
Model: 460P
Category: Video Camera
Condition: Pre-Owned
*** Dyonics 300XL Light Source available upon request at a special discounted price when you purchase this listing.

Smith and Nephew 460P Camera
The Smith & Nephew 450P and 460P Camera Control Units (CCU's) deliver plug-and-play efficiency for all endoscopic specialties. The 400P series CCU's utilize advanced digital image processing to consistently deliver the exceptional images surgeons demand. Excellent engineering, efficient design, and exceptional performance - the qualities you expect from the leader in endscopic imaging.

400P Series CCU Specifications
Video Output Procedure Selection Auto White Balance Brightness Video Standards 2 DVI 460P only (Digital Visual Interface, 1280 x 1024 res., 29 pin DVI connectors)
1 DVI 460P only (Digital Video full resolution streaming of video and audio, IEEE1394 6-pin connector)
1 SDI 460P only (Serial Digital Interface, BNC connector)
1 RGBs (1V p-p, RGB and sync into 75O 4 BNC connector)
Progressive and Interlaced signal is auto sensing or switchable
2 S-Video (Y/C: 1V p-p, 75O, 4 pin mini DIN connector)
1 BNC Composite (1V p-p, 75O, BNC connector) Automatic optimization of surgical environments: arthroscopy, laparoscopy, cystoscopy, ENT, flexible, and 2 customizable options. White balance automatically customize for each head, button initiated. Automatic control of reflected light with 8 step base reference adjustment. NTSC and PAL
Surgical Interface Remote Control Audio Input CONDOR ◊and HERMES ◊ 2 mini-phono connectors for control from the camera head of accessories and common camera functions. Line and microphone inputs to DV output for digital video audio overlay. Digital OR interface, one RS 232 on a USB type two connector
Power Management Requirements AC Leakage 100 - 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz Less than 300 microamps ground leakage
Environmental Dimensions Weight Operating Temperature 3.0" (7.6 cm) x 14.35" (36.4 cm) x 17.0" (43.2cm) Less than 9 lbs (4.37 kg 41° F (5° C) to 108° F (42° C)

Smith and Nephew 460H Camera Head
The Smith & Nephew 460H 3-CCD Camera Head is a plug-and-play imaging solution engineered to maximize efficiency in the OR. Advanced technology in the 460H Camera Head delivers exceptional surgical images for all endoscopic procedures. Excellent engineering, efficient design, and exceptional performance - the qualities you expect from the leader in endoscopic imaging.

Visualization Optics Custom engineered lenses and filters optimized for medical environments delivering exceptional image quality 3 CCD 1/2" Interline Transfer Micro-Lens high sensitivity imaging sensor

Imaging Device NTSC: 768 horizontal x 494 vertical pixels
PAL: 752 horizontal x 582 vertical pixels

Resolution Horizontal: >700 lines (RGB)
Vertical: Interlaced >370 lines

Signal to Noise Ratio >60 dB
Chemical and gas sterilants
Surgical Interface Lens Mount C-mount, compatible with a full line of direct view Arthroscopes, VideoArthroscopes and Couplers

Remote Control 3 buttons for remote control of the CCU and accessories
Environmental Dimensions 1.69" diameter 2.44" long x 2" (4.29 cm x 6.2 cm x 5.08)

Weight 4.8 oz (135 g)
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